Speech Development & Practice Is Hard - These Books Make It Fun!

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Early sounds books for toddlers, 3 year olds, and 4 year olds. Later Sounds books for ages 4-7 years.

The perfect children's books for daycare centers, pre-school classrooms, kindergarten classes, and even better...home!

Please note: These books are 100% created and printed in the United States.

Created in Hawaii, these books are printed in facilities across the United States, primarily in Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

Speech and Language Skills - In a Picture Book

Speech develops through a mixture of repetition, imitation, and practice. Two key elements for learning speech are hearing how the different pieces of speech sound, and watching how those individual sounds are made.

Normal speech development varies from child to child, but the research is clear: reading to and with children helps build language comprehension and strengthen verbal expression. The purpose and goal of Phonological and Articulation Children's Books (P.A.C.B.) is to promote early language learning skills, and to provide targeted speech sound practice for children as they develop. These books are also excellent for including extra practice for children in speech therapy, or with delayed speech.

Each book provides 140-300+ opportunities for kids to see, hear, and practice the sounds specified in the subtitles.

Please check out the "Resources by Sound" tab. This section provides free specific sound resources that support fun activities, instructional sounds videos, song lyrics (based on P.A.C.B. stories) that pair with nursery rhyme melodies, and additional tips to guide parents as they help their children with sound learning.

Our sound resource tabs also provide the typical age of mastery for the sounds. Mastery essentially means that the average person can understand your child when they make that sound (e.g., for "m" "Mom" "Maybe" and "Mine" would be understandable).

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